Koraks Aluminum Co., Ltd.. Sti., For the quality expectations of our customers' products, pre-sales and after-sales service support, product portfolio, standard sizes of products manufacturing, cost-effectiveness and profitability of each product presented according to market conditions, orders, is delivered as a complete and full in the required time.

The first aim is to be one of the leading companies in the sector by applying quality management system, the target aims is to take over the duty of the locomotive industry. Quality, customer demands and expectations of all employees in accordance with the responsibilities of the task's effort to be satisfied in the optimal point. This effort is the result of team work of all its employees in a common pursuit. Company employees rather than extracting it in perspective defective products, strives to produce error-free and standard products.

Quality goal, our products are accepted by the customer sees not only maintain the level of customer satisfaction without creating additional costs on the ongoing research and development efforts to try to offer something better.

Our employees are the most important factor in the increase in satisfaction with the quality. Work environments, social facilities, staff training and motivation is very important for our company. The most important source of human. For this reason, employees are treated as an employee rather than team-mate. Supporting each other in every stage of production in terms of quality of the product at every stage of the product strip each other customer in the natural pruning provides absolute control. Our company is leave a cleaner world for future generations to become an industry organization committed to respecting the environment.